The Society's Archives

We have had to remove some of the archive files from the website in order to organise them in a better fashion. The Society's archives reflect the activities we have organised mainly in the past. You will find most of the current or soon-to-be events might be listed here as well. Sadly, there are some events the Society organised long ago of which we do not have much more than our own memories, but we are working on it and we'll try to collect as much graphic and testimonial information about these old events as possible and include them in this page. We will add more pages to cover them as soon as we are ready. We are determined to make sure we keep in the website all the relevant information about our past, present and future activities.


Kultura - Culture

These links immediately below have been stickied as they deal with long term or permanent issues.

All these links below are part of the Society's archives and relate to activities and events organised mainly in the past.


The Basque Music Machine

Korrika in London

Aste Kulturala 2000