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Ken Zazpi Basque band Live in London April 2011

We would like to invite you all to a very special event we are organising for this year's "Aberri Eguna". We can confirm Ken Zazpi will be coming to London to play a gig in Oxford House, on Easter Sunday, April 24th. We see this as a great event, fit for a great day, as the "Aberri Eguna" is for all of us. As with all the bands and artists we have had the chance to collaborate in the past, we are glad to be able to do so and to bring this event into London.

The gig will start at around 8 pm, in the theatre in Oxford House, and there will be food and refreshments available. Tickets are £10. If you want us to secure a place for you (and your group, if anyone else is coming with you) for this concert, send us a message specifying how many of you are coming and we will gladly hold those places for you and your friends. We will reply and confirm it to you so as well (please, write as subject "Ken Zazpi in London").

Don't miss this chance to see this sensational Basque band!!!

About Ken Zazpi

Ken Zazpi is a Pop-Rock Basque band, created by Jon Mikel Arronategi (bassit with Exkixu) and Eñaut Elorrieta (singer with Lugarri). They sing all their songs in their native language of Euskara-Basque, although they have also sung some versions of them in Catalan. In 1996 they released the song "Bi eta bat", in the compilation by the label Gor, "Aurtengo Gorakada 1", with the name "Ken Zazpi".

However, it wasn't until the year 2000 that they started to work in the project more seriously. It was in this year that the current members of the band met and recorded a demo-tape, in Muxika, in the Basque province of Bizkaia, with the help of guitarist José Alberto Bátiz, then playing for Fito & Fitipaldis. Since then up until today, they have become one of the most popular and successful bands in the Basque Country, with a massive following. They have collaborated throughout the years with many great musicians and producers, both in the Basque Country and abroad, including, for instance, the last few albums, which were recorded in Los Angeles, California. They are very highly regarded whithin the world of contemporary Basque music.

In their own words: We like listening to music from abroad, in the same way we like listening to the music of our land. It is good to have different influences, as long as they don't destroy your creativity. It is useful to strengthen the band's personality. In any case, the music has to be something of your own..."