Euskara Klaseak - Basque Language Lessons in London

About the Society's lessons in London

School's video in Nafarroa-Navarre

The lessons are at the Cervantes Institute (15-19 Devereux Court, London WC2R 3JJ). There are currently three levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced. The year is divided into 3 terms (September-December, January-March and April-June) and each term consists of 10 lessons of 2 hours. The price per term is £100

  • Beginners: Mondays from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm
  • Intermediate: Tuesdays from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm
  • Advanced: Wednesdays from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm


Please contact us to join the lessons or to find out more.


Alternative ways of learning Basque language

Online courses

What if I live outside of London or I am not able to join the lessons? There are several online courses you might join. We are currently gathering the information of the different alternatives, as there have been some changes implemented to these courses recently. We will update the new information as we get it, hopefully, very soon. If you decide to join an online course, and as actual practice is quite important in order to improve your chances of learning, you might consider joining some of our activities, if you can, as they will enable you to practice your Euskara with the many native Basque speakers who usually turn up too. Likewise, the Society periodically organises practice sessions, known as "mintzapraktikak", normally with a teacher or/and several native speakers.


Tutorial books for learning Basque language in English

Still need some other way of learning? In many occasions we have seen along the years a lot of interest from English speakers towards learning Euskara. It is not an easy task to become fluent. On top of that, not everyone has easy access to computers or the internet or, simply, wants to spend hours in front of a PC to learn it. In this case, there is a great book for English speakers, "Colloquial Basque" by Begotxu Olaizola Elordi and Alan King, with 2 tapes you can listen to, and organised to take you slowly or at your own pace to a decent level of understanding, speaking and writing, so you can progress further from there if you want.